GrainCom 2022 Conference Agenda

Proposals for GrainCom22 agenda (in no order)
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Panel : The Black Sea Region

Expert’s views on the market changes, new industry developments in the region and political situation.


2022/23 Grain and Oilseed Outlook.

GrainCom22, Campaign 22/23 major origin supply estimate.

The USDA versus GrainCom22
Presentation: USDA

Farm Policy – Farm to Fork initiative

The Future Outlook for Farmers.

Presentation and Panel:

Bio Diesel : Implication for the US and European market

Presentation and Panel:



The Digital Age

Presentation | Panel:

The Carbon situation, Climate initiatives

Presentation | Panel:

The Legal, Regulatory situations

Presentation | Panel:

The Consumers: millers, feed, energy = supply and inflation


GeoPolitical Risks