Message from the Ukrainian Grain Association

Dear Friends of GrainCom Events SA
There are many requests, to help the people of Ukraine during the present very difficult times and the GrainCom Team are keen to support these requests.
Please see the following that came directly from the Ukrainian Grain Association and we feel this is not only a good way to support Ukraine but especially those in our industry. Thank you, GrainCom Team

​Dear all,


If you are a farmer / farmers associations, an input supplier of seed/ chemicals/ fertilizer/ others services, a transport company involved in trucks/ trains/ shipping, if you are a barge/ship/ vessel / silo / terminal owner, if you are involved in trade execution / brokerage / legal and insurance, a physical / financial trader or trade house, an FCM or other clearing facilitator, a media reporter or media outlet / a conference organiser involved in commodities, if you are a feed compound producer or involved in animal production, if you are a flour millers / millers association / baker or if you are an oilseed crusher/ oil refiner/ bio fuel producer or if you are involved in finished food products and selling food and grain and oilseed derivatives then this email is for you.


Our industry has suffered a severe shock which will present many challenges going forward in the short, medium and possibly long-term. As a business this additional market volatility will be difficult to manage at times, however it is nothing compared to the constant challenges our grain and oilseed industry colleagues are facing in Ukraine.


Overnight, professionals in Ukraine have lost their jobs, lost their income, lost access to their savings, lost their homes, and in the worst cases they have lost their loved ones forever. In many cases these professionals have been forced to separate from families, forced to see their families’ become migrants and refugees, forced to abandon everything they called home and arrive on borders seeking to escape the insanity of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.


Thankfully the wife’s/ mothers/ children/ grandparents that made it to the borders are being welcomed and they are getting help and support in their hour of need. But there are many grain and oilseed professionals and their families that are not so fortunate to be in a position to leave Ukraine and they are particularly exposed to an impending humanitarian crisis when their cash, food, fuel, medical supplies are exhausted.


Given the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine it is now the time for the grain and oilseed industry outside Ukraine to show solidarity with our colleagues and friends.


We must show the same empathy to them as we would like to receive if we were the ones suffering in their situation. Below is the account details to the Ukraine Grain Association (UGA), they will be able to direct the funds to help supply food, medicine, shelter, transport and logistics, communication with families and other necessities as required on the ground.


Support Ukraine’s Grain and Oilseed Market Participants.




Account number: UA703808050000000026003606498

Address: 01001, 4, Grushevskogo Street, Kiev city,Ukraine

BANK : Raiffeisen Bank Joint Stock Company, Leskova street, 9, KYIV, 01011,Ukraine


Correspondent Account: 55.022.305

CORRESPONDENT BANK: Raiffesen Bank International AG



Your grain and oilseed colleagues need your support, their families both abroad and at home in Ukraine need your support. They need donations from professionals just like you and me, they need donations from companies, and they need donations from institutions and associations. So please donate and please ask your company and your industry contacts to do the same.


If you know any friends, colleagues, families in Ukraine that are impacted and could benefit from this support please contact the UGA directly to access their service and support.


Contact Person: Serhii Ivaschenko (CEO of UGA)

WhatsApp: +380931992500

Mobile: +380931992500




This is not a political statement, it’s a call to support your industry, it’s a call to support colleagues and their families just like you and yours, it’s a call to show empathy for those that are suffering, it is a call to show compassion in a humanitarian crisis.

We can leave the politics to the politicians and in the meantime we can show the support of the global grain and oilseed family.

Please share with your contacts within our industry.

Thank you in advance for your support.