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The GrainCom Events organizers remain committed to holding the event this year. If circumstances occur beyond the control of the organizers that may prevent the event happening as scheduled, all delegates and sponsors will be informed immediately.

NewAnd we again confirm that if due to restrictions outside our and/or the Delegate’s control we have to cancel and/or unable to come to the event we will return all amounts paid.

Full Delegate Package

CHF 745.- (Ex. TVA)

1st to 2nd: CHF 745 each
3rd or 4th: CHF 695 each

Bulk deal
Quantity Fixed price
1 - 2 745.00 CHF
3 - 4 695.00 CHF
5 - 1000 695.00 CHF
Bulk pricing will be applied to package:
  • 3 days conference full exhibitions and session access
  • Trading Company Cocktail
  • Brokerage Company Gala

Planning on more delegates to GrainCom 2021? You may also consider one of our Sponsorship Opportunities!

Trading Company Cocktail and Brokerage Company Gala

CHF 400.- (Ex. TVA)

  • Trading Company Cocktail
  • Brokerage Company Gala
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