From the Industry to the Industry

May 17 – 19, 2022, Geneva
President Wilson Hotel

The Game Changer Event
for the Grain Industry

The GrainCom Events team would like to thank all those who attended GrainCom21 as speakers, sponsors, delegates and friends for the enormous support you gave us both with encouragement and financial.
It was much appreciated, we hope we reached your expectations and even more we look forward to seeing you very soon at the next GrainCom Event.

About us

GrainCom Event will be Informative, Free Thinking and Money Valuable

GrainCom Events SA was created in March 2020 and domiciled in Geneva, Switzerland.

A group of well-known Agricultural Industry experts, following the request from many within the industry, has created GrainCom Events SA with the main purpose to produce a new global grain and oilseed Conference in Geneva.

James Dunsterville created in 2002 Global Commodities Group which produced the first Global Grain event in Geneva and sold the company in 2012.
James is presently the owner of AgriNews SA, an agricultural consulting company, founder and Chairman of AgFlow SA, a leading provider of trade intelligence for the global agriculture markets and is the Executive Director for GrainCom Events SA.

Gert-Jan van Noortwijk started his career as a grain trader, founded a grain brokerage firm in 1992 which became AgriBrokers International.
He was a council member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) for many years and acted as the President of GAFTA in 2018.

Dan Basse who founded and is President of AgResource Company, Chicago, providing accurate research, advisory and understanding of the global agricultural markets.
Dan is also a well-known and respected presenter at many grain and oilseed conferences around the world and is on the Board and an advisor to many international agricultural industry companies.

Additionally, the GrainCom Events founders are supported by a panel of advisers and you will be hearing more from them over the coming weeks.

James Dunsterville


Gert-Jan van Noortwijk


Dan Basse


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